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A family owned and operated manufacturing facility located in Covina, California. We build full steel construction BBQ Grills by hand. Choose from our current of grills or tell us about your dream grill and we'll build it. Every product you see on our site was inspired by a griller as yourself and we brought it to life. Contac Bash for any questions

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Portable BBQ Kabob Grill
The most compact and efficient charcoal bbq kabob grill with custom cut grilling grate. Don't go camping with-out it! We sure don't, in fact we have one in every vehicle.
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Large, traditional charcoal kabob grill, 36" x 18" with 17 skewers slots, separate and removable inner charcoal pan, left and right baskets, bottom basket, four 3" wheels, cover with stainless spring handle and optional custom cut grilling grates.
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Large 36" x 18"
Medium sized kabob grill with 11 skewer slots, 6" deep pan, separate and removable inner charcoal pan, left and right baskets, bottom basket, four 3" wheels, steel lid cover with spring handle, optional custom cut grilling grates.
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Medium 24" x 16"
Island Drop-In Smoker Santa Maria Kabob Grill
Inspired and named after an abstract artist from Pasadena known as Abstract Tro, this BBQ/Kabob/Santa Maria/Smoker/Log Oven grill is the all-in-one log and charcoal grill for your backyard BBQ Island. Featuring a 13" Deep Pan, Adjustable custom cut grilling grates, two front air vents, a full hood cover with two exhaust vents, this grill can be used to smoke, bake, grill and cook kabobs with skewers.
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Abstract Grill
Inspired by The Balalian Family. A large, 36" x 18" innovative kabob grill, 10" deep pan with height adjustable charcoal pan operated by a crank handle located under the grill, charcoal pan may be lowered approximately 8" down or up to the top.
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The Crescendo
Inspired by Elie from Pasadena. A large, 36" x 18" traditional kabob grill with 6" deep pan which converts to a true Santa Maria Style grill with 12" tall and hinged backing plates. Grilling grates may be raised approximately 32" above the separate and removable inner charcoal pan or lowered down directly above charcoal. 17 skewers slots on main pan allow you to cook using grilling grates, then raise grates and use skewers to continue cooking.
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The Santa Marijan
The grand daddy of kabob grills, inspired and designed by Jora from Sun Valley. He had a vision, we brought it to his backyard. An extra large 48" x 18" x 6" deep main pan, separate charcoal pan, height adjustable grilling grate raises approximately 15 by a crank handle, left and right warming drawers, center ash removable drawer, bottom storage basket, left and right basket or flat trays, four 4" wheels w/ brakes, custom cut grilling grates included.
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The Sun Valley Grill
For Islands & Countertops
So you're building an island and need a drop-in grill? Choose from our standard sizes or tell us what you need and we'll build it.
-Solid Steel Construction
-Separate and Removable Charcoal Pan
-Custom Cut Grilling Grates
-Steel Lid w/ Spring Handle
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Drop-In Kabob Grills
Upgrade Your Grills Grates
Constructed of thick carbon steel, these are the most natural grilling grates to use. With a simple one time seasoning before first use, your cooking on steel seasoned with vegetable oil. No stainless, no porcelain, no nada. Only natural.
We'll cut any name, initials, personal or company logos as you would like. Any size.
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